Fresher, cooler drinks with more taste, more fizz. And not a bottle in site!

Eliminate the cost of bottled drinks

Save on time, and cash!

A 330ml mixer in a can will cost you around a dollar. Compare this with the 44 cents, including equipment,  for the 330ml pour from a Fountain Drinks Postmix gun. It’s a very impressive cost saving impacting significantly on the bottom line profit of your bar and it’s a compelling reason to consider switching from your current supplier.



eliminates hidden costs

Per glass pricing is also affected by the cost of storing large quantities of cans or bottles behind the bar and out back in storage. These are intangible costs but very real… and then there is the cost of having to trash or recycle cans and plastic bottles. Fountain Postmix eliminates these hidden costs completely.

Big Power in a Small Package

Bag-in-Box syrup in boxes take up very little room and the equipment can be set up on a very small footprint.

The concentration of Fountain Postmix syrups provides significant cost savings per bag purchased, with further cost savings for high volume and association customers.

Keep Your Drinks Fresh and Bubbly!

Opened bottled mixes are always down on fizz giving your customers an inferior taste experience and often what is left in the bottle goes to waste. Crack the cap at ambient temperature and most of the carbonation in the bottled drink will escape and the rest will leave as you pour it over the ice. If it’s a plastic PET bottle the carbonation starts escaping as soon as it is packed and stored, even before you buy it.

Maximum Fizz, high quality taste.

Fountain Drinks postmix provides maximum fizz and high quality taste. Each drink is freshly made in the glass from 8 flavours, plus soda and chilled water at the gun. Select from 14 flavours. Popular cola and lemonade are available in larger 20 litre bags.

Ready to serve customers like never before?