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The total postmix package with exceptional quality in each glass you pour, brought to you by a state of the art Fountain Drinks system.

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The best part

Save on time, and cash!

Low rental fees and ZERO maintenance fees. No need to waste time and money waiting days for a technician.

One system, one contract

Forget the hassle of multiple contracts for each flavour mix. Get everything you need from Fountain Drinks, with no restraint of trade.

Easy-as installation

The space friendly system will organically slot into your bar, making sure to not disrupt the busy workflow of staff.


Just how much could you be saving with a Fountain postmix system? Find out now!

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Hear it from our customers!

Our clients are our number one priority, and we pride ourselves in providing reliable, efficient service. Don’t just take it from us, though, see what our people have to say!

Say No to Bottles

Fountain Drinks customers save over 1 million plastic bottles a year from living long, unhappy lives as trash.

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Why we’re anti-bottles

Over 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfill every day, amounting to around 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually in NZ alone. Encouraging others to make the switch to postmix syrups for the environmental benefits is a large part of what we do at Fountain Drinks.

Never waste product again

Clearly we care about reducing plastic waste in your bar! But did you know a Fountain postmix system will save product, as well? Before, you might have used 3/4s of a bottle for the customer’s order, rendering the rest unusable or at risk to go flat. With Fountain, you’ll now have the ability to use exactly how much you need in each pour; further reducing waste, and cost. Take a step towards sustainability by ditching plastic and glass bottles wherever possible!


Throwing it back to 1997, Gary Robertson (CEO) decided it was time for bars to stop paying ridiculous amounts of money for name brand soda, when there was a much more efficient alternative available. Thus, Fountain Drinks was born.

Bringing you the best in soft drinks with a level of service and assistance the big corps can’t offer, The Fountain 45 dispensing system is set up quickly and easily by our nationwide network of professional installers. Not to mention, we create our own syrups right here in Auckland, meaning we can directly send orders by overnight courier.

Enquire about how Fountain can help you increase profits, reduce waste, and level up your bar service at a fraction of the cost.

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